Since this is my first blog post, bear with me. That is bear with an “ear” not “are”. And yes, I did just check to make sure that was the correct spelling of the homophone. As I learn the ropes on how to blog I will be posting assignments for my 3D studies class, which is why this blog was born in the first place and why this post is being created.

I am from the very most northern tip of Kentucky, basically Cincinnati, but definitely not Cincinnati. I am a student at NKU, former student athlete at Georgetown College. I have a great respect for every type of art and artist. The mediums I am most drawn to are paint, pencil, and inks. I love creating things in general, and learning how to do other types of art thrills me. As a young artist I tried to set one main goal to achieve and find a the path to follow, with bridges I will need to cross before I can accomplish it. I have come to a conclusion that in art my goals are always changing. I think my ultimate goal that has always been at the butt of every small goal, is to simply do what I enjoy, while, hopefully, impacting others in the same positive way my art affects me.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

Oscar Wilde


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