Through this project we had to start off making 8 small sculptures, 4 using volume and 4 using mass.

As I started creating these I was not to sure about what I wanted to use or how abstract I could be but as I continued to build them my ideas expanded. I hammered my fingers a couple times, burnt myself with hot glue multiple times, and stabbed myself with wire too many time to count, but over all i like most of my sculptures. I think I will be able to build a bigger and better version of one of these for the final project that is due.



One thought on “3D Line Sculptures

  1. Shelby- Good, broad research and explorations. At this scale the wire and wood pieces are the strongest, although the Moonpie is an interesting use of materials and could lead to a successful larger piece. If you go that route, consider how you could use materials and color (or lack of color) to create more unity. Nice work!

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