For over 800 years, the Chorotega Indians have been producing organic coil built pottery throughout Central America. This artistic tradition has been passed down, generation to generation, and is one of the remaining indigenous crafts still being practiced in Costa Rica. This past summer I took a trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where one of the main stores of pottery, Guaitil Pottery, is,  and saw some really cool vessels and structural pieces.

 It is said most ancestral pottery was used for utilitarian purposes such as cooking and food storage as well pieces more complex with polychrome zoomorphic forms, for ritual purposes and
usually placed them on the graves.

Chorotega-Traditional Chorotega Pottery that reveals Aztec historical influences

-Dated around mid 1500’s

-Spiritual Vessel used during religious rituals

-Chorotega Pottery; Water contianer

-Hand crafted clay vase of black and red monkeys with colorful fruit and flowers

-Chorotega folk art from the 1960s; Red Clay

-Guaitil Art Pottery Wall Vase


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