My final sculpture was a larger form of my wood ball and wire piece. I have come to a conclusion that I really love the look of wire against almost any material because during our in class critique I wondered what wire would look like with just about everyones project.

I ended up using old and new playground bouncy balls in place of the wood balls, and I stuck with the same wire, but I layered it up giving it more texture since I lost the movement from the wood. I really liked the contrast between the playful, bright colored, and soft balls with the dark, harsh wire. I think it gave the piece a conflicting emotion that enhanced the meaning of the piece.

I decided to name it PlayTrap because it resembles young and alive toys being locked and wrapped by wire that is inescapable. Even by the two balls that are somewhat separated from the core of the piece, they are still trapped.


One thought on “Final 3D Sculpture

  1. Hi Shelby. Nice work! Your final piece is interesting conceptually, although formally it would have been nice to standardize the texture/surface of the balls/spheres a little. Interesting insights about juxtaposition and containment.

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