A personal experience where the sense of touch left a lasting impression was when I was a young girl hugging my grandma. I remember this specific hug because it was the first time I had realized my grandma wasn’t just born old, that she had already lived a life full of adventure, sadness, happiness, and everything in between. I felt her brittle and tired limbs over me and it filled me with a sense of security. This was definitely a positive memory of touch and looking back on it warms my soul.

A personal experience where my spacial perception was noticeably altered was when I first lived with a roommate in, what felt like a 12×12 box. In the beginning I didn’t think I would have any issue with living with someone, but man was I wrong. Our personality were not meant to be stuck in a room together and gave me anxiety to the max. Definitely not a positive experience, but I stayed positive and learned a lot about myself and others. Now I couldn’t be happier!


Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida. Spain.
The Little Granddaughter
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mr. And Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft
I find this work interesting because I love the way he used the oil to give very strong detail and depth. I really enjoy how he reduced the scene to four essential shapes and colors; the painting has great balance.


Jug: Flight into Egypt
Marc Chagall, artist Madoura Pottery
I find this work to be very interesting. It looks as if it carries a lot of emotion and sentimental feelings with the Egyptian culture. I love all alway of the movement through out the jug and also the slanted shape and flower-like top.


Reuben Nakian
United States
Bronze; 01/02.75
This piece interested me at first because I was unclear of what is was but I knew I could something in it. It was made by spreading thin coats of plaster over cloth and creating curves and folds making it becomes surface with many different textures. The look excited me and grabbed my attention immediately!

John Quincy Adams Ward
United States
The Freedom
Bronze, 1921.502
This piece was very shaped and detailed which caught my eye. I am defiantly more into the textured surfaces, but getting a sculpture to be this smooth and precise blows my mind!

William Morris
Rhyton Vessel, 1998
United States
Glass. 199.5
This piece caught my attention because of the smooth and cool designs throughout the whole piece. I like the different forms it uses, and it just look really cool overall.20140223-204757.jpg

Architecture Framing in Succotash Hell, 1988
Glass with paint
Unfortunately, I couldn’t really read what I had wrote about this piece, especially because it is one of my favorites! I love how the glass is curved throughout the whole piece and how it is lightly painted. I think that the use of paint enhances the piece tremendously. It’s a really intriguing piece!


Therman Statom, American
Untitled [chair], 1983
Windowglass, silicone, paint, wood and paper
This piece is awesome. I love how he used all the different materials in a way to make them look like the fit great together. the color scheme goes great against the wood. My eye was immediatly drawn to this piece because I love textured pieces. This is for sure one of the coolest chairs i have seen, but I wouldn’t want to sit on it!


Ken Price
New Mexico/United Stated
Sonny, 2003
Ceramic with acrylic paint
I love the color choices made in the piece. This color and form make it hard to believe it is ceramics with acrylic paint. The movement and color choices are not something you typically see and it really caught my eye.

Esther Shimazu
Leaping Tabby, 2002
This piece is awesome. It’s defiantly not what you expect when you see a sculpture, but I think that’s what makes it amazing. It defiantly gets people talking and makes me think! I just want to look at it to try to figure it out!


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