As stated before in my design process, I made a plaster armeture focusing on having a void, texture and the sculpture’s form. I have never really worked with plaster to this extent and found it difficult to maneuver; It was very interesting and fun to play with though! It totally grew on me. I found it interesting how the burlap and plaster fell to the wire and the forms they naturally made. I love working with pieces by allowing the art to do their natural thing then I’ll just go and sort of support the art with my ideas and what naturally comes out of me.  As I look at my piece I am very pleased with how my sculpture came to shape and how the texture laid into it.

I compare this piece with my ceramic pieces and find that they relate in many ways. My large vessel ceramic piece and plaster piece both have a similar organic texture.  My sculpture ceramic piece and my plaster piece are both related to the body; funny how the brain works!

 (check out my ceramic pieces in my previous Ceramic post)






2 thoughts on “Final Plaster Project

  1. That is nice when you have those thematic or formal connections between works. One of the best things that can come of your time in an art program is to kind of naturally discover the threads that connect your art works; through that you learn a lot about yourself!

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