I am creating a plaster sculpture focusing on the void, texture, and armature.

Webster’s dictionary states that a void is something ‘being without something specified’. I found this definition interesting and took it in another way through my piece by my body-like shape not having a head.

As I started I created some sketches of an abstract piece inspired by the core of the body and it’s shape. I used a ton of wire and made it have a very sturdy base then I covered it with burlap, that I cut in different sizes, to create an armature. I dipped my strips of burlap in the plaster and layered my piece with more plaster after. Once my piece was completely covered with plaster I went back and forth between carving and shaving down my armature that adding more plaster to places that needed it. Once I finally got a smoothie surface I decided to try something different and carved in lines around my whole piece helping the curves of the body. For the texture of my piece I was inspired by the line-look that muscle has when you see an image of the body, and also the look of skin up close and the look of a finger print as well.









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