Hola fellow bloggers, friends, freaks, and so fourth. Long time no post, I know; I have decided to hop back on the blogger bus, so buckle up.

Here’s a quick recap of what has been up:

I have recently changed majors, Visual Communication -> Health Science (so far it’s a snooze fest), and I am still pursuing a Minor in Spanish. Therefor, my blog is now going to be less of my art, and more of other things. Future is looking bright. I am now modeling for New View, an agency out of Cincinnati, and I absolutely adore it. It leaves me in great dismay though… I feel like I don’t have to worry about other important things, like school, because it feels so irrelevant and I would much rather focus on modeling and living lol. Although I get so my pleasure studying Spanish, intriguing shit.

Any who, now I find myself constantly avoiding online class work and depressed that I have no passion to start it till the day before it is due. I have been in a massive funk lately. It is such a task to force myself to get up and I do not know why. I am never like this. I am constantly filled with energy, so this is DUMB. I HATE being tired. I am constantly reading my favorite posts from various positive energies like Gabby Bernstein, my yoga girls Rachel Brathen & MacKenzie Miller, Lorna Jane, and other various positive, motivational soul sistas/brothas. Any tips? LET ME KNOW.

I am a mega health nut. I train with my trainer 3x a week (AKA mamas gettin BiG), I run a shit ton because running is amazing and the fresh air outside this time of the year is such a blessing, and I thoroughly enjoy my hot yoga classes. Good lord, the heat and sweat in that room just does something too 21 year old gal. I’ll tell you what.

I’m a vegetarian. I try to eat all vegan and clean, when possible. I love simple recipes, I will start posting some and would love ideas, tips, anything really. I swear off of Herbalife. It is truly miraculous. I suggest everyone to try Herbalife. Your life will be better when you open your arms to a wonderful Herbalife shake. Guaranteed. I enjoy my shakes at a fabulous, peaceful, hole in the wall heaven EMBODIMENT NUTRITION & WELLNESS. The place calms my soul and fills me with joy.

Hmm.. A bit all over the place with this post, but I just needed to play a quick game of catch-up here. I forgot how much writing about things helps clear the mind. It’s quite meditative? I like it. Time to go enjoy the crisp fall air!

Your Sis Shelby



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