Happy Halloween you monsters! It has been an exciting week! My 21st bday was Oct. 21st, so you know it’s going down on my Golden year.
BUT, more about that in another post, for this post is dedicated to one of my favorite spookytastic holidays…ALL HallowsEve!

Tis another day were I am just so motivated and excited to clean, make fun Halloween crafts, and think of clever costume ideas (because my boyfriend and I cannot agree on one), rather than do any school work.

This year we will not be passing out candy to the cute&creepy critters roaming the streets because:
1. Halloween is on a Friday for the first time since Goosebumps first aired.
2. I have no priorities for Saturday, and we are going to a fun costume party!
3. And lastly, dressing up and decorations and all the fun holiday excitement makes me the happiest girl ever!!!!!!!

Back to me and my honeys costume dilemma. We all know, ultimately, I will have the final say… But we agree on these final four:
Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone, Forrest Gump and Jenny (Jen-næ), Princess Bubble Gum and Finn (Adventure Time) , and Spinelli and TJ (Recess).
I love them all in their own unique ways. As you can see, it’s a hard, hard decision. Forrest&Jenny and Spinelli&TJ both have a leg up for me because I already have everything I need to create a masterpiece costume, but I want to be them all!

HELP ME DECIDE. I will post pictures of the final product. I have more to say, but I must get off my ass to exercise.

Hope all the dead live it up this Halloween! Check your candy before you eat it dudes and don’t eat too much of it or you’ll feel sick and gross…

Xoxo BOO,


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