As I promised here is the final product, el producto final!
The spunky Spinelli with her tough-guy TJ. . Oh young love, what a beautiful thing… And to think it that it all started during Recess (or 2 years ago at a white trash bash, same thing?). We found Ryan ( TJ’s) lively jacket at St. Vincent DePaul for a steal, and I got my children’s black gap jacket from there as well, along with a nice long sleeve Bengals shirt…don’t judge me, I’m all about thrift store finds.

Of course, I am writing this as I should be doing a journal, as well as a research paper for Health Informatics. Shame on me, I will get it done eventually! Any who it was a successful, spooktastic holiday filled with friends, drinks, food, and cards. TJ and I kicked ass, playground style, in Euchre. Also, for some good ole holiday fun we decided to bring a gallon-sized flask, that could easily double as a weapon/ battle shield, filled with the taste bud tingly Evan Williams Bourbon. EW, needless to say I encouraged others to drink it and I did not partake. We got a free ride home from the awesomely hip App, Lyft. Shout out to Jermaine for the 2:30 pick up. Good guy with great conversation about abroad travels. His favorite place is Japan (Australia came in second, shocking I know) , his daughter and wife know German, and they’re going to Germany for a week soon. FYI.

Saturday was filled with snuggling, watching The Neighbors, and watching The League. We haven’t been that lazy since the Sundays at Georgetown where we would just lay in his dorm room all day. It was just what we needed!

Just remembered I have a shitload of Spanish assignments to do too. So looks like its time to go to my hot yoga class instead! Be back tomorrow I hope for BLOGGING 101 challenge!


Ps. Here is the flask & whiskey



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