Hi my blogging bombshells!

I am just mega in the mood to blog, so I am!

I am such a chatty Kathy lately! I don’t know why.. My pooch, Shania, loves it though because she has primarily been who I’ve been taking my energy out on today. Haha, she’s the cutest ever!

Any who, today was not the most exciting of days in the life of Shelby, but ’twas a great day!
I was awakened by my boyfriend leaving for work at 7 (I couldn’t sleep last night, but of course, he slept like a rock– AS ALWAYS).
It’s great though because when he gets up I turn completely sideways, put the extra pillow over my face, and boom, I honestly sleep like a baby angel in heaven.

Next, took my beautiful baby Shania on walk, because it was so beautiful out. Did some homework, blogged task two in Blogging101 (which is the bomb.com), ran outside, ran some errands, and blah blah blah.

Now I sit with my dog, watching Grease. What a classic. It is actually ridiculous, they look way way way too old to be in high school. Like, that one dude who is really mean and drives the other car… Having a total brain fart on his name..I don’t know.
Bottom line he is literally 63 years old, and I do not think I’m joking either.

But, Ryan is on his way home from work and there is no football on tonight, so we can watch The League! Holla! One on the funniest shows ever, hAhahahahahahah I am laughing thinking about it!

Oh, and I scheduled to get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow as well! Praise The Lord because it’s hella needed.

Another side note, poor Amanda Bynes….. Just hearing some Enews news…oh how she made me laugh before she lost her marbles …..

Busy day tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Shit, just realized how crazy they are going to be… Oh well, I love it!
Ttyl dudes!



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