My sweet and loving friends………….. Hey?!

It’s little old me again, and I am super pooped after such a crazy busy weekend! Thursday was a blur, but I know I was running around like a drunk baby, per usual. Friday was just wonderful though!

After my Friday morning duties, Spanish class and working out with my trainer, I had to rush over to The Evolution Fashion Studio for a fitting, followed by a 6 hour hair nail and makeup prep (mostly hair) , then an AMAZING video,fashion, photo-shoot / performance art piece!

I was the angel of the piece, dressed in an absolutely stunning Prada gown and paired with killer Fendi pumps. If only I could have kept them… But, my hair for this was OOC (out of control). It took, honest to blog, 6 hours to do and, my lord, was it a process! I had a perm..a poodle on my head basically. Before they brushed it out,styled it, and made it all awesome I looked like a spitting image of Michael Jackson. So I felt border-line like a transvestite, but I was digging it. It was so much fun! I loved everyone I worked with and all my fellow amazingly stunning models! I don’t have all the picture yet, but here’s some pictures that were taken on the side! It’s always a blast working with Annette Navarro are her crew!

Saturday I was a sleepy sloth, but I had to wake up by 8 and get the hell out of my house because we had a showing (my house is up for sale). My pooch, Shania, and I went to the park and scurried around there, then we got a lovely breakfast from Panera. Then at 3 I had to go be a showgirl at the Horseshoe Casino!

Lol… Gotta love the casino….I couldn’t find where to park, so I ended up getting locked in an emergency stair well.. I eventually found where I was going…I was all dolled up and resembled a bird, I thought, but I had a fabulous time! EXCEPT my new nude pumps killed my feet.. I was supposed to wear my black pumps but my dumbass brought 2 different shoes…. So typical of me to get locked in a stair well and have two of the wrong shoes… Power to the people!

Overall a fabulous weekend! Passed out early watching football with Ryan that night, shoutout to Ohio State! Then we woke up and went to our Sunday First Watch breakfast, always super yum in the tum.

Another busy week ahead of me, I’ll keep you posted of course because you come before any dumb research paper I have to do any-who!

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