Yo yo welcome to my blog, ShelbyDownForThat!

Here’s the up and up, so try to catch what I’m throwing down;

  • If you have not got on..my blog title is like word mush ~> She’ll-Be (Shelby) Down For That  <~

My name is Shelby. I am totally nuts; I am a vegetarian (who leans toward mostly vegan dishes); I am extremely active and always running, dancing, wiggling and giggling;

I love to create and I love to sew; I am one nature loving, and yoga practicing betch who is down for whatever! ~ I hope you’re down with that!

I am a Health Science Major and Spanish Minor, an Artist, Lifeguard, and Model. I decided to re-start my blog and post all of my healthy Vegan and Vegetarian recipes! Also, I will have other posts about awesome crafts, ideas, and personal posts about what is happening in my brain; because my airhead is filled with random thoughts that I just know people and dying to read about.

If you want to know anything else about me or have any random question, feel free to ask!



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